About Us

about usAayush Surrogacy India is a premier Surrogacy and Egg Donation center located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh (India). Aayush Surrogacy India is a part of our flagship Brand Aayush ICSI Test Tube Baby Centre which is one of the fastest growing healthcare & Infertility treatment provider in Central India, engaged in a vast range of healthcare activities which include infertility treatment medical tourism.

Dr. Manju Chellani is the Director of Aayush Surrogacy India, who felt that in today’s times there was a great social relevance, in addition to commercial viability, to set up a venture like this. It all started at a very personal level when they helped a common friend to have a baby of his own with his wife, through surrogacy. The unparalleled joy that they saw in the eyes of the blessed couple inspired them to help many more such distressed couples across the world & be blessed in return. However, they realized that although India was being considered as a hub for surrogacy, the entire process in their own motherland was extremely cumbersome, stressful, unaccountable & unorganized.

This led them towards thinking about making this process highly organized, transparent, result-oriented & joyful. Thus they decided to set up Aayush Surrogacy India, with the objective of comprehensively handling all Surrogacy solutions under 1 roof. It was thereby decided that the already existing Aayush ICSI Test Tube Baby Centre, would have a separate arm as Aayush Surrogacy India, which would exclusively focus on Surrogacy, since the latter had its own specific challenges which were very different from other procedures & treatments.

Aayush Surrogacy India has thus pioneered in organizing the otherwise unorganized surrogacy sector in India. Aayush Surrogacy India is the Corporate in Central India that handles all aspects of Surrogacy under a single roof in a highly professional manner. Our team has successfully handled a large number of gestational surrogacy cases with a very high success rate, thereby bringing joy to numerous dejected couples.

Our network also includes world renowned doctors/ hospitals. We offer a large database of high quality, healthy, fertile pre screened surrogate mothers. We offer our services to married couples, partners, singles etc without any bias. We also have a Cryoshipper service which can be availed of to ship your frozen embryos to us.