What is Surrogacy

what is_surrogacySurrogacy is a legal deal between a couple or an individual and a third party to carry their baby to term. There may be many reasons why couples opt for surrogacy; it may be a missing uterus, multiple pregnancy losses, or failed in vitro fertilization attempts. So now the couple can have their own biological baby by hiring a surrogate.

The arrangement can be made between relatives or someone known by the patient or an agency. When searching for a surrogate, a couple might use the Internet, contact an agency, or network through friends and family.
Surrogacy has gone global now and couples from all over the world pour in for all options including surrogacy.

Egg donation: When the woman’s egg quality is bad or she is too aged, we get help from oocyte donors who are screened as per the couple’s requirement and their specifications. Aayush Surrogacy India has a good pool of donor eggs. All the investigations are done through the Center for the couples who need these donor eggs.

Planning schedule for Surrogacy at Aayush Surrogacy India:

» E - mail us about your history of treatment.

» We help you to choose your surrogate mother (Indian/Asian/Caucasian), depending on their availability.

» Register with us by making some payments for legal documentation and paper work for hassle free treatment.

» Also ensure that you are thorough with all the laws in your own country so that taking the baby back becomes easy.

» Frozen Embryo Transfers are also done where a few of the viable embryos from your cycle are saved so that you can use it later if you are thinking of creating a sibling for your first baby.

» Once the surrogate is pregnant she is kept under our supervision and we keep informing the intended parents about her progress.

» Our close monitoring of the mother helps the intended parents to keep a good watch over her care, thereby increasing our success rates.