Surrogacy Fees

surrogacy feesWe have various customized, value for money packages to suit the different requirements of the Intended Couples - (IP). The details of the specific, tailor-made package suiting your case will be provided to you on demand.

The Surrogacy Package Includes:
» Surrogate Mother
» Single surrogate mother
» Screening test, blood test & physical examination for surrogate
» Surrogate Insurance
» Medications, nutrients & supplements for surrogate(s)
» Surrogates compensation and procurement fees
» Surrogate monthly expense allowance
» Scan, blood tests, ultra-sounds, doctor appointments & routine ante-natal care
Food, fruits & nutrition and travel

» Birth certificate
» Legal contracts
» Guidance and help for Apostille from MEA, MHA recommendation, FRRO exit visa

IVF - ET attempts
» Depending upon the package

» Caesarean delivery charges (hospitals on panel on sharing basis)

Additional Cost to be borne by IP’s:
» Donor medications for stimulation and tests
» Medical tests & examination - IP
» Extra compensation of $750 to surrogate as caesarean delivery compensation
» Extra cost of $3000 in case of twins
» Amniocentesis, fetal reduction, chorion villus sampling, if required
» Hospitalization for any medical emergency
» Any procedure required for miscarriage within first trimester or anytime during pregnancy
Any complication arising during and after IVF / pregnancy and delivery

Other Services on Cost
» DNA testing of your baby through approved government facility, if required
» Transfers to and from airport
» Airfare and airline taxes ,visas, passports
(Note- Extra amount would be charged for Indian/ Caucassian Donor)